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We have several locations in San Diego County that we rent space from for our events. We will choose a location based on group size and the games planned for the session. 

We’ve found the best spaces for Nerf wars have an open floor plan with plenty of cover. Think Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Feel free to text us some photos of your space and we can let you know if it will work.

Our game manager will come up with a custom list of games based on the space available and the people playing.

We usually play games like Capture the Flag, VIP, Last Man Standing and the like, but have also created some of our own games specifically for fun in the office.

Generally no. Depending on clothing you will usually feel it but the balls won’t leave a mark. At close range it feels like getting flicked with a finger.

Our most efficient way to clean up is a Shop-Vac but we also have some other tricks up our sleeve when needed.


The short answer is we don’t know what the max number is. It depends a lot on your space but the more the merrier we say!


At our offsite location we think 10 players (2 teams of 5) is ideal for most games. For larger groups we form as many teams as needed and cycle in and out. Games are fast with plenty of running so most people are ok with a short break.



With that said, common sense is needed. The balls are foam but they’re launched at over 100fps so small office plants, that framed photo of your cat sitting on your desk, we suggest moving these types of items under cover.

We’ll always do a pregame site check to ensure anything that looks like it could be damaged is put away.

Our normal sessions are 60-90 minutes.

On a very limited basis. Please contact us with the details.

Yes, we carry full event insurance.

Yes we do. We charge our normal package rates plus a reasonable travel surcharge depending on estimated travel time to your location.